Ready for Resilience?





the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties


the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity

Who I do it for:


Kids & Teens

Kids and teens have a unique set of strengths and challenges. Empathy, support, and a special skill set is needed to thrive during childhood into adulthood.

Read More Before moving into counseling I was an educator for 20 years. The combination of my skills as a teacher and a counselor give me the ability to build rapport with kids and work with them, and their parents, to achieve their growth goals.


As I work with Veterans, I combine my professional training with life experience to bring a wholistic approach to treatment.

Read More As the daughter of a Veteran, I count it a privilege to support Veterans and their families. I completed VA certification in "Military Culture: Core Competencies".


Another focus of my practice is resilient relationships. I am a trained Prepare/Enrich Couples Facilitator.

Read More This is a resource that empowers couples at every stage of their relationship whether it be dating, engagement, marriage or re-marriage. I facilitate couples’ intensive workshops which help couples gain positive traction in their relationship.

Sandwich Generation

The sandwich generation refers to middle-aged individuals who are caring for and supporting both aging parents and growing children.

Read More Being "squished" in the sandwich can be overwhelming at times, but the good news is there are helpful coping techniques available to make life a more manageable. Sessions are tailor made to support and resource the individual client and are served up with generous helpings of empathy from a counselor who is currently the PB and the J.

My Practice

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#108022) practicing in El Dorado and Sacramento Counties.


Who is in charge?

The thinker or the thought? The feeler or the feeling?